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Me (UI/UX Designer)
Natusha Nakane (Project Manager)
Aya Sugimoto (UX Researcher)
Shamika Basuroy (Analyst)
Huong Vu (UX Designer)


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


User Research
Story Boarding
Content Strategy
Interaction Design
Visual Design


8 Weeks

"How to enable meaningful shared experiences virtually?”

In this page, will cover this project that goes over the issue dealing with developing an alternative way to connect people because of covid restrictions limiting in-person contact. This project took on the challenge of developing a meaningful shared experience through the means of a community-based fitness application.

User Research

Because of the covid restrictions more and more people are seeking to new avenues to finding places where they can meet new people. Not all social media sites get that feeling of being able to find that sense of a community. Also during this time people are interested in working on themselves so they decide to workout and people enjoy taking part in working-out in a group.

Understanding the Problem

Our team’s process for tackling this challenge was understanding the input from the targeted users in which our teammates have come contacted of their experiences with dealing with stay at home advisory. Our team looked used competition analysis to understand the current platforms available.
We Learned:
1. Some are limited to what users can do on the application and what the application provides
2. Are not up to date with design functionalities


In this persona, we targeted what users that fall under the matter of losing motivation due to the advise self-quarantine and needing a new platform to pass the time. We empathize how this situation has become common and that it is a matter of developing a new platform that will help people like her regain that motivation.


So we set our application to fix these issues in which we make it easy for people to find a community of like-minded individuals who seek the interest of working out together at home.

Exploring Solutions


This storyboard what our starting point to brainstorming ideas that would go into the initial prototype of the community fitness application. How would we like to bring a change to the current platform of various fitness apps but brings people together to find that motivation they needed to work-out together at home.


We first approached this as a modern fitness app where people can post their work out accomplishments and where they can also track their progress. This was more on the idea of the competitive form of communities where friends challenged each other on their progress. We then shifted this idea since it didn’t suit our goal of a shared experience toward more of a community aspect of work-out groups.

Testing & Evaluating

Each member was to interview and user test a version of the prototype that finished at that point. This user tested feedback was to get an understanding of the where in the prototype might need to be reevaluated and what aspects of the design system we can improve upon.
We took our feedback to set focus on 3 features of the application: the Discover page, the Communities page, and the Home page.

High Fidelity Prototype



After usability testing took place to gain feedback, many were pleased to understand the object of the application’s purpose of developing at home work-out communities. Some participants took into interest in how this application provided the service of being able to find nearby communities that took focus on their type of fitness regimen, whether that be yoga, cycling, pilates, and more.


This project faced minor issues initially dealing with the fitness portion of the application and how metrics were being displayed to users, whether that be through stylizing bar indicators or through normal text for legibility. A measure that was discussed was the method of gamifying the application to reward users to come back to the application.

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