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Self-portrait of Richard Urbina.

I am a digital designer based in Los Angeles that specializes in brand solutions through research and design.

As a Designer,
I want to design experiences that evoke a narrative so it is able to create meaningful and lasting impact. I was inspired to make a case study for Twitch because they went from being a gaming focused platform to one about self-expression and community. This narrative change allows streamers and communities to grow in forms aside from gaming.

My passion lies in exploring the psychology of design and how it influences thinking and behavior. I am to address how design can be incorporated into meaningful and intentional brand strategies that effectively connect businesses with their customers.

Self-portrait of Richard Urbina.

Lifelong Gamer

Video games has always been a part of my life whether that be playing games like Mario Kart 64 & Resident Evil as a kid to now playing games like Devil May Cry 5 & DBFZ. Gaming has always been there for me and it will always be there, it is one of my favorite hobbies that I will always enjoy. I always felt as though there was something to gaming more than what people perceived gaming as a whole, but as a means to tell great stories and while also having fun gameplay mechanics. Some of my favorite games include:

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Poster for Naughty Dog's Action/Adventure game The Last of Us.
Poster for HAL Laboratory's fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Poster for Square Enix's Action/Adventure game Final Fantasy 15.
Poster for Irrational Games's Action/Adventure game Bioshock Infinite.
Poster for Square Enix's Action/Adventure game Nier: Automata.
Poster for Santa Monic Studio's Action/Adventure game God of War.
Poster for Capcom's Action/Adventure game Resident Evil 4.
Poster for Respawn Entertainment's FPS game Titanfall 2.
Poster for Square Enix's Action/Adventure game Kingdom Hearts 2.
Poster for Atlus's RPG Persona 4 Golden.
Poster for Capcom's Action/Adventure game Devil May Cry 5.

Movie Lover

When it comes to film, it was something I didn't fully appreciate until college. Although I watched movies for the enjoyment, I started noticing film's beauty when I watched it with a friend that was passionate for it and where I became enthralled in it. It led me to discover and watch more indie and international films where I can experience compelling storytelling.
Some of my favorite films include:

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Poster for the 2021 film Drive My Car. Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi.
Movie poster for Hu Bo's film An Elephant Sitting Still.
Movie Poster for the Lee Chang-dong film Burning.
Movie Poster for Hideaki Anno's film Evangelion Thrice Upon a Time.
Movie poster for the Heiward Mak film Fagara.
Movie Poster for the Denis Villeneuve film Blade Runner 2049.
Movie Poster for Bong Joon-ho's film Parasite.
Movie Poster for the 1995 Wong Kar-wai's film Fallen Angels.
Movie poster for the Satoshi Kon film Perfect Blue.
Movie Poster for Derek Tsang's film Better Days.
Movie Poster for the 1968 Stanley Kubrick's film Dune.
Movie Poster for James Mangold's film Logan.
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